For Sales Management

What can I do for you  ?

I can be your key to the Swedish public IT market.

  • Monitor upcoming acquirements through Swedish channels.
  • When a certain procurement is advertised – do a quick “flyover” to provide you with a summary of demands and conditions with a listing of opportunities and possible legal, economical and technical challenges.
  • Plan the tendering work. Finding the critical line, divide parallell job-streams, suggest necessary competence and procedures for decisions.
  • Handle the contact with the procurers. Addressing questions, translate answers. Handle contacts with lawyers.
  • My roles can vary from leading the whole bid-process, coaching your personel or taking care of specific tasks.

Increasing the possibility to win

My experience will help you to better understand all demands and thereby contribute to a better business solution and risk mitigation. Increased knowledge of customer needs also increases the chances to win.

Better marginals

I´ll help you to get a robust plan. This way you avoid late upcoming obstacles leading to unnecessary stress later through the tendering process.

Focus on the critical questions directly

Short time to submission makes it necessary to work in parallell process with legal matters, calculating the bidding price and clearing out questions.

Better decisions

Large tenders often need decisions on different levels with different demands. Early scheduled meetings and agendas will secure better decisions and time for late adjustments.

Questions that drive risk and cost need to bee adressed early and be mitigated. The possible decision of not submitting must be made as early as possible.

Secure partners

If subcontractors are needed the commitment needs to be shared all the way through the tender and future contracts. This need to be secured before submitting the tender.

My experience – your benefit!

Time has given me a generic approach for a quick start and right focus regardless of tender. Plans, processes for text production, risk, price and decisions can usually be executed within a few days. I am also used to work with non Swedish partners and their personel.