For Procuring Management

What can I help you with!

Help you to decide what can be controlled and how

My understanding of the core in business conditions for companies and projects can give you the possibility to more exact define demands that give you early detection of deviations in delivery and prompt correction.

Optimizing demands

I can help you avoid creating unreasonable demands. Demands that lead to fewer tenders or more expensive tenders without contributing to higher quality.

Understanding both buying and selling professionals 

My experience from professional roles as procurer, project leader, sales professional, account manager, tendering manager and as a negotiator between industry associations for IT and county councils will give you guidance when it comes to find demands that will give both sufficient effect and acceptance.

Often small changes are enough

The difference between a demand that give effect and a demand that give no tenders can sometimes be subtle. I can help you with a wider perspective including common views from the IT industry. I can help you see the core of reasons that could cause problems and help you to find more precise ways of securing delivery through better adopted demands.